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Mats Granvik

Online Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences, Search: Mats Granvik, page 1-35

The Möbius function blog

Math Stackexchange

1996 Student, Pargas Svenska Gymnasium.
1996 Biochemistry studies (½ year) Åbo Akademi, Matematiskt-naturvetenskapliga fakulteten.
1997 Military service. Gunner. Received medal at home coming day.
2000-2001 Imperial College, Chemical Engineering & Chemical Technology, London.
1997-2004 Diplomingenjör (M.Sc Technology) Åbo Akademi, Processtechnology (Chemical Technology with Industrial Economy) Kemisk tekniska fakulteten
Masters thesis grade 25/30 (Synnerligen goda).
2004-2005 A course in economics, Handelhögskolan vid Åbo Akademi.
2009-2009 Sales and customer service course arranged by Arffman Consulting Oy


3.8.2009-9.5.2012 Cleaner, Lassila-Tikanoja. Cleaner at the post office.

1.6.2010-2.8.2011 Cleaner, Ted Wallin fastighetsservice.

25.8.2009-11.11.2009 Construction worker, CL-Yhtiöpalvelu Oy, HRA-Consulting Oy.

1.6.2009-18.6.2009 Construction worker, Oivara Oy.

24.3.2009-27.5.2009 Sales person – internship, Praktia. Serving customers, re-stocking shelves, checking of stock delivery details.

15.9.2008-31.12.2008 Research assistant, Institutionen för Fysikalisk kemi Åbo Akademi. Piecewise linear regression utilising Pascals triangle.

9.7.2008-4.9.2008 Construction worker, Personaali Henkilöstöpalvelut. Building a Jämerä house.

25.6.2008-27.6.2008 Painter, Maalaustyö T. Koskinen.

2.6.2008-6.6.2008 Painter, Maalaustyö T. Koskinen.

25.3.2008-16.5.2008 Concrete worker, Pestivoima Oy, Suomen Kovabetoni Oy.

27.2.2008-6.3.2008 Market researcher, VPS Henkilöstöpalvelu.

5.11.2007-8.1.2008. Technical assistant, Insinööritoimisto R.J. Virta Oy. HVAC. Translation work from finnish to english.

24.9.2007-3.11.2007 Concrete worker, Personel Henkilöstöpalvelut Oy, Hartela Oy.

18.9.2007-21.9.2007 Technical assistant, Nordkalk Oy Ab. Assistance with the sales of the powerplant.

23.7.2007-7.9.2007 Painter, Maalaustyö T. Koskinen.

1.8.2007-7.8.2007 Concrete worker, Joakim von Bergmann. Reinforcement.

25.5.2007-20.7.2007 Painter, Pargas Bostads Citypark Oy Ab.

21.8.2006-23.3.2007 Technical assistant, Fennocon Oy. Sound- and pressure drop calculations using Excel and MagiCAD.

1.7.2006-18.8.2006 Office employee/ledger Pargas Kyrkliga Samfällighet. Recording transactions, some accounting.

Swedish – Mother tongue
English – Fluent, written and orally.
Finnish – Fluent, written and orally.
German – Basic

Excel – Expert user
PowerPoint – Good
Word – Good
VBA – Good
Mathematica – Basic
MatLab – Good
html (basics) – Basic
MagiCAD HPV – Basic
Status (Book keeping program)
AutoCAD 2007 – Basic
Vertex G4 (3D-drawings) – Basic
Fortran 77/90 – Basic

2000 Active in the academic rowing club – Turun Akateemiset Soutajat

1999 Active in the student choir Brahe Djäknar

1984 English/Dutch school, Riyadh.

Sports: Walks in nearby forrest.
Music: Playing the piano
Reading: Monocle.

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